Not only will we meet your expectations,
we will exceed them and grow along side you.

Best Appraisal Management Company is an independent Appraisal Management Company (AMC). The company was founded on the principle that an AMC could create transparency between lender and appraiser, cultivating a process that brings out the best in both parties. That commitment to transparency, quality and consistency is the foundation of BestAMC.


BestAMC employs a dual approach to appraisal management - superior client service combined with advanced technology. We have designed an infrastructure to help ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory requirements as well as supporting appraiser independence.


BestAMC utilizes innovative technology to manage your appraisal orders in real-time while centralizing all appraisal communications. This commitment to sound appraisal management through the perfect blend of people and technology is unsurpassed in our industry.


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